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The Menu

Three culinary paths that illustrate the cuisine of Edoardo Fumagalli.
The first, chromatic and gustative, harmonically blends with Ferrari Trentodoc wines.
The second arises from the experiences of the chef in New York,
Edinburg, Paris and Milan, up to the mountains which overlook the shores of the Como lake.
The third one celebrates some of the excellences of the Trentino region with a modern and lively touch.

…” Creativity is like jam,
it needs to be spread on a sturdy slice of bread.” Italo Calvino.
This is the way the chef describes the philosophy behind his cooking.

Edoardo Fumagalli

A light, balanced cuisine, with well-defined flavors,
Based on three pillars: ingredients, techniques and freedom of expression.

Edoardo stands out for his great knowledge of the different ingredients and of the best cooking techniques and for his creativity. Thanks to its chef , Locanda Margon offers an authentic cuisine with “simple complexity”, as he loves to define it.